Who We Are

ViReS, short for Virtual Reality Services, is a new innovative start-up that builds technical training, simulations and remote assistance applications in Virtual and Augmented Reality.
We work on a wide variety of applications that will make you and your employees better at their daily job.
We offer custom tailored products that go the extra mile and are more than just a simple gimmick.

The Vires Team

VR demos given
People trained in VR
Lines of code written
Completed Projects

Why Choose Us?

We love to think outside the box and provide our clients with the best solutions fit for the job. We don't shy away from trying new things and pushing the boundaries.
Experts at the job
With a combined experience of 20 years of building games and applications our team has a strong basis to tackle any challenge.
We live for the latest and greatest in a new technology. We are up to date with the latest trends and occasionally dip our toes in unchartered waters trying out new things.
Our team comes from a number of different backgrounds forming the perfect mix of talent and ingenuity.

Meet our Team

Alwyn Wymeersch

UX Developer

With years of experience in designing and building web and mobile applications this creative is in charge of the look and feel of our applications.

Bram Robyn

Project leader

Multidisciplinary engineer with a strong background in training and manufacturing processes is responsible for client contact and project management.

Mathieu Allaert

Lead developer

3D has no secrets for this experienced and hardened developer. From modelling 3D worlds to writing code to bring them to life, this guy knows all the ins and outs.