About us

Mission Statement

What we do

At Vires.xyz, we develop simulations and remote assistance applications using Virtual and Augmented Reality hardware and software. 

Our mission is to build MR-products that will help our clients in becoming more efficient while improving quality and safety. Vires builds custom solutions for companies in a range of sectors: industrial maintenance, automotive, retail and aerospace. Big internationals as BMW, Toyota, Aluro & HTMS (Saint-Gobin), and others, are currently using our products. 

Innovation, efficiency, customer experience and constant improvement are our core-values and that is clearly visible in our driven team and services.  


The future is bright

We, at Vires, are focusing on 3D overlays, object recognition, solution software for more complex problems (i.e., maintenance of machines) and much more, where our competitors are concentrating mainly on 2D information in Mixed Reality. In general, it is expected that Mixed Reality will experience tremendous growth in the coming years and could become one of the fastest growing tech-sectors.

Not only media and entertainment but also product development, engineering, e-commerce, retail, aerospace, research and even the medical sector are expected to benefit from this. We aspire to push the boundaries on this technology by developing products that can be used by everyone, everywhere in every process. 


Our road to success

Currently we are developing state-of-the-art applications and custom solutions. 

We continuously improve our product according to the advancement of the available technology and customer needs. We also focus on informing companies and showing them the great potential of this rather new technology. That way, a wider audience will see its benefits and we can roll out our services globally.  



We have a heart for cutting edge technology and want to share this passion with you.

This passion also lives in our offices and makes it a place where everyone enjoys being.


Great agile team that is fun to work with, quick to respond and commited to quality.
Our team is dedicated to get the job done and eager to keep learning in the process.


Innovation, efficiency, customer experience and constant improvement are our core-values and that is clearly visible in our driven team and services.


Vires.xyz and its team are easy to reach and happy to assist.

We treat our clients as partners and keep looking for ways to improve the way they work.


Develops high quality solutions for multinationals that increase their productivity and efficiency.

With our systematic work process (PDCA) we continuously work together to build the ideal product for your company.


We love features. Our products are full of features our competitors don't have.

You see a feature we don't have already? No worries, we are always looking to improve our product and will be more than happy to customize it to your needs.

Our teams were very enthusiastic about the VR applications that Vires.xyz built. They improve our network training. Thanks to the development of Vires.xyz we can enjoy an objective evaluation system that leads to a higher efficiency.

C. Deboeck
Technical Training Coordinator - BMW Belux

If a client has a problem we can do so much more than just using the phone. We can now watch the client repair and assist him while watching through his AR-glasses.

A. De Meurechy
Managing Director - Aluro NV

We are able to record through the glasses and use those recordings for quality assurance and remote support of the engineer.

P. Reynaert
Director R&D - Sabca

Awards & Certifications


Vires.xyz has been screened by VLAIO, an organisation from the flemish government in Belgium. We have been selected as one of the most innovative startups in the “Innovative Starter Support” program.

Microsoft MRPP

Vires’ Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) status is pending. Developers at Vires have gone through the certified exams. This is a Microsoft-sponsored, community-driven program for partners that design, build, deploy, and operate mixed reality solutions.

ISO 9001/27001

Even though we are a startup we are already in the process to prepare ourselves to achieve the ISO 9001 and 27001. We want to show to our clients that we care  for quality management procedures and their data. We do what is necessary to ensure high quality products while keeping all data safe

Startup programs

Vires.xyz will be attending several startup programs to get insight from experts and build a great company. In 2021 we are applying for TechFounders, Horizon, European Startup Awards, etc.