Certificates & GDPR


Vires.xyz has been screened by VLAIO, an organisation from the Flemish government in Belgium. We have been selected as one of the most innovative startups in the “Innovative Starter Support” program.



Vires’ Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) status is pending. Developers at Vires have gone through the certified exams. This is a Microsoft-sponsored, community-driven program for partners that design, build, deploy, and operate mixed reality solutions.


ISO 9001/27001

Even though we are a startup, we are already in the process to achieve the ISO 9001 and 27001. We want to show our clients that we care about quality management procedures and their data. We do what is necessary to ensure high quality products while keeping all data safe.



Vires.xyz will be attending several startup programs to get insight from experts and build a great company. In 2021 we are applying for TechFounders, Horizon, European Startup Awards, etc.


Privacy policy & GDPR

To maximize your privacy, we use a broad definition. 

Our definition of personal data is based on the privacy laws and regulations of the EU, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protection in the world. We consider any information about you or your behaviour that can be traced back to you as personal data. 

We hereby state that Vires.xyz does not save personal data nor share it with third parties.