When it comes down to new technologies, it’s hard to get an idea based off of a boring slideshow or a promotial video. The best way to convey the power of these technologies is by trying them first hand.

Our experts can guide you through a number of demos and discuss the practical applications. And if you have any questions, we’ll be able to answer them on the spot.

All sessions include flexible hardware rental options.

Short sessions

Ideal for meetings and events

Virtual Reality
Experience the added value of VR for training, maintenance and HR with one of our applications.
Augmented reality
Show the power of Augmented Reality on mobile devices. We'll show a number of practical applications on tablet and phones.
Mixed Reality
Show the power of mixing reality with virtual using one of our MR devices. We currently have a Hololens and Meta2 in our lab and are eager to show it off.

Get in touch to experience the future firsthand

Full day session

You've heard about VR somewhere but don't have a clue what it's all about

Discover during this one-day training the advantages and disadvantages of Extended Reality (AR, VR & MR) solutions. What technology can be used for which solution and how do you determine the right strategy to achieve your goal?

In the second part, you dive deeper into the various components of Extended Reality.
Which hardware and software is necessary to create, but also to experience? What options are available within AR, VR and MR.
Later during the training you get the opportunity to test different platforms and our expert takes you behind the scenes of XR development.
How does a VR project come about and which techniques are used? A training that is completely future proof!

Session outline:

  • XR (Extended Reality): what’s it all about?
  • XR solutions
  • Decide on XR strategy
  • Hard- and software for XR creation
  • Hard- en software devices
  • VR: 360 video, mobile and high end VR
  • Mobile & high end AR
  • Mobile & high end MR
  • Try out different XR platforms (Hololens, HTC Vive, Leap motion, …)
  • Behind the scenes of XR creation

This session can be organised onsite or on location (Region Ghent or Antwerp).

Session is limited to 8 people at a time.