Rent a VR system

You have a demo or event to showcase your application? Are you having some people over for a gaming session? Why not rent one of our preconfigured systems?

VR setup
200/ day
  • High end PC (i7, GTX1080, 16GB Ram)
  • Vive Pro + lighthouse stands
  • 24`` Screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Transported in custom flightcase

Buy a VR System

Are you looking for a more permanent solution? Why not buy one of our top-notch systems? We always look for the latest and greatest hardware to run VR applications or games seamlessly.

VR basic
  • High end PC (i7 8700, GTX 1080, 16GB Ram, 500 GB SSD)
  • 3 antenna wifi adapter
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • Vive lighthouse stands
VR + mobility pack
  • VR Basic pack
  • 24`` Screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Custom flight case (IP67 proof)

* All prices are VAT exclusive (21%)
* Prices are for 1 system. We offer discounts starting from 2 systems.
* Standard 2 year shop warranty applies
* Leasing upon request

An optional inssurance pack is available upon request. We will supply you with a brand new system within 24h (Limited to EU only). Contact us for more details.