Case Study


A screen capture of Dux Execute


Aluro from Heist-op-den-Berg manufactures machines, specifically for thermal break assembly of aluminium profiles.
They have clients all over the world, from New-Zealand to Canada. To support their clients, they need to provide a world-wide service desk. In order to give real-time installation and maintenance support, they are using Augmented Reality. If a client has a problem, Aluro wants to provide better help than a standard phone call. They want to provide standard procedures, like replacing parts of the machine, using the Microsoft Hololens 2.

The application can show the client a step-by-step instruction how the maintenance works, while they are standing at the machine. When the client is doing the repair, Aluro can watch from a distance through ‘the eyes of the user’ and give additional support where needed. Next to the ability to improve time-to-repair of complex and critical issues, they will also be able to close more deals at companies in areas that are more sensitive to service.

This solution will lead to an ROI on service trips, labor spent, success rate, resolution time and time-to-information.

Working at Aluro


Our team has monthly meetings with the team of Aluro to see how we can improve the product. We continuously test procedures and updates in the demo hall of Aluro.

Together with their services engineers, embedded system designers, R&D managers we keep on looking and iterating on ways to improve our products.

Dux Design

Dux Design is a smart desktop application to create intuitive step-by-step procedures. These steps contain more than just classical text. Textual instructions are open for interpretation and often result in expensive mistakes on the work floor. By enriching steps with media (photos, videos), manuals
(pdf, docs), 3D-markers (arrows, boxes, signs, …) and 3D-highlights (CAD data) work instructions are much clearer which speeds up the process.

Dux Execute

Dux Execute allows workers with hands-free ARdevices to receive the right information at the right time. This information contains rich content (photos,
videos, highlights, instructions, manuals) and will guide your worker through the assignments. It allows to consult tasks, track personnel resources, ask expert help via our advanced remote assistance (Dux Assist). Supervisors get continuous real-time progress of assignments. They will also be more connected with their workers and are able to see what the workers are doing and if they are having

Dux Assist

Workers having difficulties to execute a task, often need expert help. The Dux Assist application allows experts to assist workers. This product gives your
organization the possibility to build a real-time remote service desk to share expert knowledge across your organization. Video streaming lets the expert look through the worker’s eyes. Beside video streaming, the help-seeker can be positioned in 3D around a digital twin. The assisting expert is also able
to “hot load” new procedures. Experts receive the location of the help-seeker, details of the procedure that is being executed and additional useful data.