Case Study

HTMS - VR Quiz Shooter

A product video for HTMS


HTMS, short for High Tech Metal Seals, is a privately owned company, founded in 1999 by a group of sealing specialists. For more than 20 years they have been designing, developing and manufacturing elastic or resilient metal sealing solutions for the most demanding applications in numerous markets.

The success of the company often has the side effect that the personnel does not know everyone and everything that is happening inside the company.

They asked Vires if we could build a VR application for their teambuilding and training that is both fun and also updating everyone about what is living in their company.

The concept

All the players (up to 4) gather in the lobby. In the lobby the user can set his/her username and partake in some target practise.

When all players are ready (by shooting the ready orb in the center of the lobby) the game scene is loaded.

The players are spawned on a floating space platform.

Each question is projected from the bottom of a big spaceship. Also two answers are flown into view.
After a couple of seconds the different answers fly away and the players can now shoot the answer they think is correct.

For each hit points are score indivually, for a critical hit, more points are awarded.
For each correct answer (the correct space ship is destroyed) the team receives additional points.

After the prefedined number of questions are answered the users are spawned in the feedback scene. Here they can compare their own and their team’s score to other players from previous sessions.
The user can also review all questions and answers to learn about his/her mistakes.

Execution & Result

The product was a big hit on their teambuilding event.

Everyone loved shooting in VR and learning more about the company.

After the event we improved the product and developed a companion website where they could edit the content of the game. HTMS now has a tool where they can train their personnel while having a blast.

The end product is very flexible and new environments, assets and concept can be added quickly.