Dux Execute

Your companion app to get the job done

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Dux Execute makes workers connected, more productive with a higher quality output and have relevant data ready at their fingertips.

This Mixed Reality application running on your AR-device (e.g., HoloLens 2) is aware of your physical environment. A sensor is constantly scanning the objects around you. The application supports hand-tracking and voice commands that allow you to interface with the digital content like you would in real life. This makes everything feel very natural and reduces the steep learning curves usually found in similar applications. 

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It is the companion of your worker (mechanic, technician, …), used to make their lives easier on the work floor. It will make your workers connected, smarter, more efficient and less stressed. They will make fewer mistakes on the work floor and this will improve the quality and efficiency of your company. Work items created in Dux Delegate or Dux Design are available in the Dux Execute application. 


Dux Execute allows workers with hands-free AR-devices to receive the right information at the right time.

This information contains rich content (photos, videos, highlights, instructions, manuals) and will guide your worker through the assignments. It allows to consult tasks, track personnel resources, ask expert help via our advanced remote assistance (Dux Assist). Supervisors will be able to get continuous real-time progress of assignments. They will also be more connected with their workers and are able to see what the workers are doing and if they are having difficulties. Supervisors can assist workers by joining task session which enables them to see the same digital instructions as the workers through the HoloLens.

It supports hand-tracking, eye-tracking, voice commands which makes this very intuitive and easy to control.


Workers will be able to document critical steps of their work using photos and videos. Finished jobs will be logged and visible for the next worker. This will contribute to the Quality Assurance and enables it to follow up on maintenance tasks. 


Jobs bound to a physical location can be located using our navigation component. Workers will locate jobs quicker and communication will be easier and faster. 


Workers can get help from experts anytime. Experts can see what workers are seeing through the camera of the AR-device. This way the experts can easily give instructions to the workers.