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Virtual training in the automotive sector

ViReS demonstrates an innovative training module made for BMW Group Belux in Virtual Reality (VR) on the Febiac stand during the 96th Auto/Moto Salon.

The Belgian startup Vires developed an innovative training solution in VR for the automotive sector. This training module is implemented at BMW Group Belux and is exposed to the big public during the Auto/Moto Salon. The use of the newest visualization technology and gamification opens a world of possibilities for the automotive sector. Training and Education are important points of attention for Vires.xyz, DiagnoseCar and Febiac which results in this collaboration.

‘ViReS’ stands for ‘Virtual Reality Services’ and more… One of the success solutions that they offer is a virtual trainings module. The module teaches technical and safety procedures of complex products. These virtual training modules offer a lot of advantages. It’s not surprising that the automotive sector will be one of the largest clients for these solutions.

A first success story of this module is developed for BMW Group Belux. It contains procedures to replace the injectors from a B38 engine. This procedure needs to be followed strictly to avoid having serious issues with the cars. Making a mistake could lead to a complete loss of the vehicle due to vehicle fire. This training will be offered in the Belux training centre of BMW in Bornem from February 2018.

During the Auto/Moto salon 2018 Brussels you can set a step in their virtual world.

The trainingsmodule of BMW will be presented by the ViReS-team on the Febiac stand. The big public will have a chance to work virtually and experience the advantages that these trainings have to offer.

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