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They got the ball rolling

Mathieu is the brain behind Vires. He has 13 years of work experience as a 3D, web and game developer. The last couple of years he has been specializing in the world of AR/MR/VR/XR.

Working for small businesses, agencies, universities and corporates gave him the necessary experience and know-how to bring every project to a good end result.

He applies a lean and agile mindset needed for going fast while keeping a correct attitude concerning security, scalability and maintainability. 3D runs through his veins.


CTO & Founder

How it started.

Before Vires started Mathieu was building cutting-edge application driven by his passion for new state-of-the-art technology. Roel was helping out other businesses and building a large network of business experts.

On a conference somewhere end 2016 they placed Mathieu in a VR simulation where he had to jump of a building. A rig held him up and large fans made the experience so lifelike that it felt like a near death experience when he hit the ground. This was a start shot for him to jump on VR technologies.

When an idea and experience meet, you get the perfect blend for the start of a successful business.

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General Manager & Co-founder

Dev-lab Belgium

Our creative professionals

Simon is an all-rounder when it comes to information technology. An expert in application development with years of experience building solutions for people with visual impairment and kids with dyslexia on iOS/Android. He brings a clear and no-nonsense digital strategy to the table and leads challenging and innovative projects in the right direction.


Chief Information Officer

After graduating as a BIO-engineer he was active as a science teacher. To fuel his passion to educate people he graduated in the Game Development course at Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE). Applying these skills he develops innovative applications to make the user smarter and more efficient.


Software Engineer

This guy brings ambiance to the work floor.

When things get tough, Ozzy brings everyone some joyful fluff.

He is specialized in making people smile, laying around and giving high-fives!


Happiness Manager

Kim comes from the travelling sector working as a Vice President for Selectair next to being a Marketing and Cruise Developer at Thalasse Cruises.
She can make the sun shine on a rainy day.

During the Covid crisis she came to help us out with our office management and administration.


Office Manager

Jelle has a passion for mountainbiking and saving people on the beach as a lifeguard. He’s also an expert in languages and international office management. During his internship he brings a lot of creativity and eye for detail to our business.


Intern International Office Management

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We are always looking for passionate people to join us in our quest to helping companies build their factory of the future.

So are you into high-end tech and do you think you could be an asset to our team, let us know!


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Independent partners

Kurt Gheysen


Jan is a translator, crisis manager , honorary consulate but also an excellent sales manager. He is taking care of our sales in Poland.

Jan Spilliaert

Business Developer - Poland


Michiel has more than 10 years on the record developing websites and .NET applications. The last two years he has been active as a Senior .NET developer where he mastered the necessary skills for a devops engineer.

Next to his day-to-day job he works as a freelancer under the alias ‘Clouder’.

He gives topnotch consultancy to Vires.xyz on how to setup pipelines and devops operations in the Azure platform.

Michiel Cornille

DevOps Engineer

Fox Solutions

Hannes is an excellent system engineer and office365 consultant. With over years of experience in the field and as founder of Fox-Solutions he is a unique expert in his field. He supports our IT-infrastructure.

Hannes Deburchgraeve

IT Infrastructure