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!Drops Studio Digital

In 2018 Vires was contacted by iDrops to organize a couple of sessions for the studio digital workshops.
Together with a small group of students aged between 16 to 18 we made 2 VR games from scratch in just 8 sessions of 3-4 hours!

With basically zero knowledge of game development we got everyone up to speed and split the students up into a couple teams to work on the many aspects that make a great game.

We took the more technical knowledgeable students into a Unity crash course explaining all the basic steps to create digital worlds and basic gameplay mechanics.
The less technical students were put in charge of graphics. By incorporating hand drawn graphics into the game we were able to not only involve all students but also give the game a unique look and feel.

Playable demos will be released in the coming months so make sure you check our twitter feed regularly!

Escape game

The students came up with an interesting idea of creating a set of puzzles that the player has to finish in a limited amount of time. These puzzles all use very basic mechanics but still keep it fun to play over and over again.


Farmer Action game

The aim of this game is to grow and harvest flowers on your flowerbeds but beware of the delivery guys driving around on their scooters! They will try to destroy your crops.
You can defeat them by throwing tomatoes at them; which in turn also have to be grown and harvested.

The following assets were hand drawn, colored and cut out in photoshop.

Some in-game screenshots

In short this has been an awesome experience for our team! Truly a great initiative and we are glad to have been a part of it!


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